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You have a business and now you need to get new clients. Marketing for massage therapists and bodywork professionals doesn't need to be complicated. No big agency fees, no "advanced optimization" and no big secrets. Getting this done is not hard, you just need the right guidance. Start with one of these Free Guides...

 5 Ways to Boost Your Massage Business

Five things you can do TODAY to boost your business.

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SEO for Massage Websites Quick Start Guide

These are things you need to do get better Google exposure.

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Re-Book Clients for Fast Income

How to get repeat clients. Here are the step-by-step  instructions.

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Turn your massage or bodywork practice into a thriving business. You have the power to turn your passion for healing others into the personal success story you deserve. We're Melissa and Harry Brooks, and we'll show you how to do it.


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Janet Johnson

"I signed up for the All Access Pass and the entire training - all the courses - cost less than a single month of service from my last marketing company, and I'm not even sure what they were doing. Thank you Harry and Melissa!"

Aimee Right

"Two weeks into religiously following the Re-Booking Quick Start Guide and I have 4 new regular clients. That's 16 massages a month I can count on. That's over $1500.00 in business a month I was leaving on the table."

Milly Sonner

"I worked at chain massage companies for 10 years before opening up my own massage center. When I did, I needed help. There were so many basic things I didn't even know!  My client list started growing the first month. And it still is..."

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