SEO for Massage & Bodywork Websites

Just what is SEO for massage therapists and why is is important?

Getting your website to show up in Google searches is not hard, and it doesn't take thousands of dollars to a marketing agency.  Here is all the information you need to get your massage therapy business website optimized for search engines and sending you new clients.

Is SEO for a Massage Website Different?

In short, no, your massage business website follows the same rules for SEO that all other business websites follow.

Key Point: Provide excellent information that is helpful to your website users, and that is easy for a search engine to understand. Do that and your SEO will be better than almost everyone else's, because most people don't do ANY SEO!

SEO is simply the process of setting up your website so that it will rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). The core of SEO is building helpful content that is easy for people and search engines to understand.

On-page optimization refers to factors that are very much within your control, such as the content and structure of your website.

The Basics of SEO for Massage Therapists

By including keywords, both in titles and throughout the content on the website, you can make sure that your site is informative to search engine algorithms, and makes sense to your users. SEO does not need to be complicated, understanding the basics is simple and straightforward, with enough practice anyone can master optimizing their webpages for greater visibility.

As a Massage Therapist, you don’t need to (or want to!) be an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to get the important things right.

These steps will get your website taken care of so you don’t have to put the time into learning technical aspects of it. With the right services and updates, you can make sure that your Massage Therapy business has a strong presence online without having to become a webmaster yourself.

Just follow the basic principles and you’ll be fine. There might seem like a million things to do, but don’t be intimidated – just follow a few basic steps…

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5 Steps for SEO for a Massage Business Website

  1. Decide what your page is about and what search term you’d like to show up for. Don’t worry about the exact term, just be intuitive. Think “Deep Tissue Massage in Springfield” (or whatever your town is).

    Make the Title Tag of the page to include that search term, and be short and punchy. This will show up in the search results as that blue text link, so make it good. Something like:

    Massage in Springfield, VA | Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

  2. Write a description. Think one or two good complete sentences. This may turn up in the search results, so make it good. Something like:

    If you’re looking for a massage in Fairfax, look no further. Call today for a fast appointment to feeling great!

  3. Add a good user facing headline to your page. Try to get an idea of your search term in your user-facing page heading. Keep it simple, and not spammy. Something like:

    Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Services

    That’s it! You don’t need “Springfield, VA” in the page headline. Google already knows the location and it looks spammy if you try to stuff keywords.

  4. Put a good variation of your keyword in your first sentence, and then forget about it. After that first sentence, just write naturally, and the page will be perfectly fine. Something like:

    “We’ve been providing massage services to our Springfield clients for years, and we’re looking forward to helping you too!”

  5. Link your page to other pages on your site with keywords. Link the text “Swedish Massage” to the Swedish Massage page. Link the text “Thai Massage” to the page about Thai massage, and so forth. This helps Google understand the structure of your site, and makes it more usable for your customers to find what they need.

Do those five things and you’re ahead of almost every other one of your competitors.

What About Advanced SEO?

For massage therapists looking to deeply optimize their website for search engine results, you can throw out the notion of any sort of secret ‘advanced’ technique. In reality, the core basics remain the same: good title tag, meta description, headers, body copy, and links. Get those right and usually you’re good to go.

When you really want to push SEO, you’ll need to focus on adding lots of fresh, relevant, unique content, usually in the form of blog posts or new website pages. The process over time will help establish your massage website as an authoritative one.

And there are some cases where you may need to get help if something is broken. But for the most part, achieving a place among the top results in search engines requires just a good setup, with some basic SEO best practices in place. These are known ingredients and simple to implement. Don’t waste your time trying advanced techniques or worrying about some esoteric optimization. And please don’t keyword stuff or do anything that could be considered spam.

Nail the basics and move forward from there!

Good luck on your journey to website optimization! If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact our team at mBodyMarketing. We are here to “mpower” you to get this done. Quickly, correctly, and without spending a ton of money.

Get the SEO Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide is designed for a massage therapy practitioner or business owner who wants to get new clients from Google search. This Guide takes you through three (3) steps to getting basic SEO done on your website.

Get the SEO Quick Start Guide